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  • What is the capacity of the hall?
    We can host parties of any sizes between 50-750 people. We can create a space as intimate or as large as you would like for your event.
  • Can I come in early to set up?
    Yes, in fact when available we encourage our customers to come in to set up the day before the event or early on the event day so our customers can have a stress-free event. We are one of the few halls that accomodate that service!
  • How do I make an appointment to tour the hall?
    You can email us at or contact us at (510) 738-9656.
  • What are your starting rates?
    Our starting rate begins at $900 and up. Prices vary based upon date, time, services, etc.
  • Do you charge a fee if I bring my own food and alcohol?
    No we do not charge any fees! We are one of the few halls that allow you to bring food and alcohol without any additional costs.
  • What is the process to reserve your venue?
    Based on the price of the event, we take a 25% reservation deposit. This amount goes into your balance. The deposit is non-refundable. We accept cash, check, credit cards and debit cards.
  • What is the payment process?
    We are one of the few halls that allow you to make monthly payments! This flexible arrangement makes it easier for our customers to be able to pay a consistently low amount over time.
  • Do you host food tastings?
    Yes we do host food tastings.
  • How many parking spots do you have?
    We have over 450 parking spots. We have hosted parties as large as 750 people and have never had an issue with parking. We have one of the biggest parking stuctures for banquet halls in the surrounding area.
  • What is the ceiling height of the hall?
    The floor to ceiling height is 12 feet tall.
  • Are bounce house jumpers allowed?
    Yes they are allowed.
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