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Why Don't Banquet Halls Allow Outside Catering?

When putting together a super fun and special event, looking to share your favorite food with others can provide a unique flair to the party. Good food, along with decorations, lighting, and music, can create a signature and personal vibe that everyone on the guest list can appreciate and enjoy.

However, something that can sour the mood while venue searching is when the perfect spot you are looking at only allows in-house catering...

Why even plan an event at that spot if the event isn’t all yours?

The reason for this decision by many banquet hall owners is simple; outside food means less money overall being made from the event. This can create an unnecessary barrier for event planners who have a specific vision in mind. As long as the restaurant you want is properly licensed to cater in California (or which ever state you are planning an event at), it is perfectly fine for a banquet hall to work with them. Not doing so is a purely monetary decision on the owner’s behalf.


Thankfully, we here at Gemstone Hall are one of the less nit-picky event spaces that welcomes catering from outside vendors! If they are a licensed catering business, we're more than happy to work with them. After all, it is YOUR event. Being in an area as diverse as the bay area, we know that there are many different cultures to account for and accommodate. It’s understandable that you might not be interested in having a carved London broil at your #quinceañera. We believe it is incredibly important that you, the event planner, have FULL control of the experience.

Looking for a banquet hall with this kind of flexibility? Give us a call and let us know what food options you have in mind!

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